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ShaderFX is a plugin for 3ds Max that I co-authored. It lets artists create real-time HLSL FX shaders for use in the 3ds Max viewport and also for external game engines such as XNA, Quest 3D, Virtools, Ogre, etc. The node-based interface is simple and easy to use. Artists with no shader programming experience can create complex shaders in just a few minutes. Check it out!

ShaderFX is currently at version 4.1


Training DVDs



In this series of training DVDs, I show artists how to create shaders in HLSL. I start at a basic level and introduce some basic programmings concepts and then build up to more advanced techniques. No prior programming experience is required to gain the full benefit from the instruction in this series.

The full series of 3 DVDs is currently available.





A collection of texture photos that I've taken. Feel free to use these textures for any project, personal or professional. They are my gift to the 3D community.

There are currently 580 images in the archive

Updated 11/29/2014


Tutorials   TUTORIALS

I've learned a lot about high-end real-time graphics in the past few years with a lot of help from the online community. I decided to return the favor by posting some tutorials covering the some of the topics I've learned about. I've completed the first tutorial on normal mapping and I've also posted the first part of the second tutorial on normal mapping.


Tutorials   HLSL SHADERS

I've written a small library of real-time HLSL surface shaders for use in my own personal projects. Now that 3DS Max supports HLSL shaders for the real-time viewport, I decided to post some of the shaders that I've written for the community to use.